Medway – Fourths



Medway is the boarding House dedicated to the Fourths.

As the smallest of our boarding houses, Medway is the ideal size to accommodate this year group. It also has the benefit of an enclosed outdoor space which lends itself to 11 and 12-year-olds. Medway is perfectly situated: it is close to the woods, Sports Centre, Tennis and Netball courts and the eco-classroom, which the Fourths will be making regular use of.

During the Summer holidays of 2021 Medway was professionally refurbished for this age group. The style and layout of the House and its dormitories has been carefully considered and we are incredibly impressed by the results of the refurbishment.

Medway is very appealing for this age group, with a study area, spacious social room and potentially some animals in the outdoor space.

Fourths' House

Before they arrive at Benenden, our incoming Fourths put forward their nominations for which Middle House they would like to join from the start of Upper Fourths. They will be allocated to this House before they join Medway.

Over the course of their first year the Fourths build strong relationships with their Middle House. They regularly interact with the girls and staff in their Middle School House so they get used to the House, the staff and their housemates.

They take part in inter-House events with their Middle School House during their first year. This is another way of quickly building strong relationships with their Middle School House.

The transition from Fourth to Upper Fourth is very smooth and the Fourths’ experience of joining Benenden is improved by joining a Fourths’ House.

Medway team


Mrs Katie Salisbury is Housemistress of Medway. She has previously worked at Benenden as Hm in Elms, covering maternity leave. Before coming to Benenden Katie's family (husband Jon and daughters Delilah and Tabitha) lived at Christ’s Hospital School since 2011, running a Year 7 to 12 boys’ boarding house for eight years. Prior to working at Christ’s Hospital School, she managed a medical illustration department in the NHS. ​

Deputy Housemistress

Mrs Salisbury is supported in House by Miss Katrina Brown who is Deputy Housemistress.


The team of Matrons are Miss Ali Derham, Resident Matron, Mrs Mary Elias, Day Matron and Mrs Zena Bawden is our Evening Matron. 

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Fourths' House
Fourths' House
Fourths' House
Fourths' House