Marshall boarding house is named after John Marshall who was involved in founding Benenden School in 1924. The boarding house was built in 1925 and, though modernised, retains some of the original character as well as the aspirational aims of its namesake. Our aim is to provide a safe and happy environment in which the girls and their parents feel fully supported throughout their time in Marshall. The house has a warm and family orientated atmosphere. There is a strong sense of community and loyalty amongst the Marshall girls and they support one another with pride and encouragement. We believe in the importance of being welcoming to all, embracing every opportunity and striving to be the best we can be.

Marshall 22


Mrs Commander has previously taught in a local prep school, run a boarding house at Christ’s Hospital and been Head of Modern Languages in a comprehensive school. She lives in Marshall with her husband, Matt, their two daughters and their two dogs. Mrs Commander is passionate about building a strong boarding house community in which every individual feels at home and valued for who they are.

Deputy Housemaster

Mr Benjamin Myatt, who works in the Benenden Marketing Office, is the Deputy Housemaster for Marshall. 


Mrs Amanda Gilbert is our Resident Matron. Our Day Matron is Mrs Hazel Rea and Mrs Liz Deverell is our Evening Matron.