Guldeford is a home away from home for us all. It may look like any other functional, purpose-built boarding house, but once you walk through the front door, the real ethos and vibrancy of the House becomes apparent. Our vision is that Guldeford is a house that empowers every girl to be the very best version of herself; today, tomorrow and in the future.

Everything we do is underpinned by kindness – both to ourselves and to others. With a culture of kindness, people feel brave to try new things, or push themselves outside of their comfort zone, knowing they will be celebrated in success and supported through failure. Whether you are sporty, dramatic, musical, academic, or a combination of all these, you will find in Guldeford like-minded spirits with whom you can share your passions.

Guldeford House is one of the three original Houses at the School, named after the Guldeford family, who owned the estate from 1388 – 1702, and who hosted the three day visit of Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1573. More recently, Princess Anne has been a former Guldeford Head of House.

Guldeford House


Mr Tim Hudson has lived in, and worked at, a number of Independent schools. He has come from a leadership and personal development background, with a particular focus on helping young people thrive. He has worked as a consultant with a variety of people, from aspiring student leaders to senior managers in the commercial and educational sectors.​ Tim has also worked with talented sports people and is currently sits on a steering group with the Goldsmiths Charity, designing a national award to promote and reward school pupils' engagement in the local community. He is passionate about helping people to find their niche and thrive, becoming the very best versions of themselves. 

Outside of work, Tim loves the outdoors. He loves walking, climbing, sailing and Kayaking. Many moons ago, Tim played the drums in function bands. He is married to Katy, Benenden's director of sport and the Ex Captain of England Lacrosse. They have a three-year-old son, Charlie and a one-year-old son, Bertie. They are delighted to have so many people in the boarding house to play with.


Miss Kate Drinkwater joined us in September 2021 and is our Resident Matron. Ms Gin Almond joined Benenden in September 2006 and is our Day Matron and takes care of the girls every morning from Monday to Friday​. Mrs Abi Woollett is our Evening Matron, looking after the girls whilst Miss Drinkwater is off duty on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and will be acting as DHm of Guldeford until the end of term. The team are committed to the wellbeing and happy and healthy development of the girls and work closely together to ensure a true team spirit and effective overlap.