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Echyngham is a mellow brick, ivy clad construction dating from the 1900s. It is a comfortable building with a homely atmosphere.

Echyngham has many traditions that have been handed down through subsequent generations. The most important are the House Carol Service in the Autumn Term and the House Charity Evening. These are events eagerly anticipated by the students and hugely successful. Our aim is to provide a safe, happy and homely environment so that our girls may feel supported and keen to explore new opportunities.



Mrs Lucy Lynch works in the PE Department and is Head of Lacrosse; Lucy still plays for England, has played in three World Championships and the 2017 World Championships in Surrey. Before joining Echyngham, Lucy was DHm in Norris and has been an Acting Hm in both Norris and Echyngham. Lucy is actively involved in all aspects of school life and enjoys the fun and busy atmosphere in the junior boarding House.

Deputy Housemistress

Mrs Sue Sherar joined Echyngham in 2003. She is a teacher of PSHE and Senior Matron.​


Miss Joanne Taylor is our Resident Matron. Our Day Matron is Mrs Angela Scarfe and Mrs Rachael Morgan is Evening Matron.