Beeches is the original Founders House, built for Six Twos, in 1983. The house consists of four dorm-areas leading from a light and airy central corridor that runs the length of the house and joins with Elms. Each dorm-area contains purpose-built study bedrooms.

Every corridor has two large well-equipped bathrooms and at least one kitchen with a large table where the girls can eat together and socialise. Each floor also has a laundry area for the girls wishing to do their personal laundry.

During their time in Beeches we encourage the girls to develop essential life-skills and independence with the help and support of the house team. In the Beeches section of Founders there is the Founders Bar, which is a large social space with a wide screen TV, Wii, pool table and an array of seating.

We encourage the girls from all the four Founders houses to use this space to socialise. As well as organised house activities, the girls often arrange their own socials, for example, open mic nights, bake-offs and Wii tournaments.



Kay Price joined Benenden in September 2020, her principle subjects are History, Politics and RS. Prior to joining Benenden, she was a Housemistress in a 13-18 house at Lord Wandsworth College, a Deputy Housemistress at Uppingham and Head of History at Leicester High School for Girls. She has two dogs, Ralph and Digby and spends much of her time off travelling or planning her next overseas adventure. In the Spring, she is always on the farm assisting with lambing!

House Team

The Deputy Housemaster is Christian Brady, who is also the Head of Biology. Christian joined Benenden in September 2015 from Stonyhurst College, where he worked as a teacher of Biology and an assistant housemaster in the sixth form boys boarding house. He has since completed a Master of Science degree and is currently conducting research in the conclusion of his Master of Education. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, playing sports and spending time with his golden retriever Rocky, as well as learning Spanish.

We share our superb and very experienced matron team with Elms, our Day Matron, Mrs Carol Battson who is very much the mum at school taking care of the girls day-to-day welfare and Resident Matron, Mrs Margaret Barnett. We are also blessed with a superb group of ladies who run the domestic side and our Sunday Evening Matron Mrs Hayley Eggleshaw completes our team.