Biology is taught as a separate science from Year 9, during which the GCSE content begins. After the completion of GCSE, Biology is taught as an optional A Level.

During Year 9 the students tackle the core concepts needed throughout the GCSE, covering the structures and functions in living organisms and an introduction to ecology and the environment. In Year 10 the students continue to discover the nature and variety of living organisms, as well as the process of reproduction. In Year 11, the final year of GCSE, the students will discover the concept of inheritance and the uses of biological resources.

At A Level the students gain a deeper insight into the world of Biology, looking further into Mendel’s laws of inheritance, nutrition, structure and function of living organisms, ecology and the environment. Over two years they work towards achieving a practical endorsement, for which, the students will complete a range of practical sessions, allowing them to develop their skills in both data collection and analysis, but also the ability to research and evaluate.

Head of Department

Christian Brady

Catriona HughesChristian joined Benenden in September 2015 from Stonyhurst College as a Biology specialist, with expertise in the fields of nutrition and physiology. He has since completed a Master of Science degree and is currently conducting research in the conclusion of his Master of Education. Christian is the Teaching & Learning Lead and has co-ordinated Key Stage 3 Science within the STEM faculty, alongside supporting the schools IT development as a Microsoft Innovative Educator.