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Benenden delivers a Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics curriculum which is innovative and forward looking.

Our state-of-the-art Science Centre supports girls from age 11-18 years in undertaking an enviable array of research projects and Extended Project Qualifications.

Using the latest technology and computing facilities in conjunction with our bespoke Technology Centre, Engineering workshop and Mathematics Study Centre, the opportunities for exciting and integrated STEM-related learning are limitless. 

Partner With Us

We welcome enquiries from any interested organisations keen to join our innovative projects and share this 21st Century learning opportunity. Membership of this group will enable greater dialogue between learners and educators from the sectors of university, secondary and primary schooling, those in industry and the careers advisory bodies alongside continual professional development for a range of staff.

More information on the Universities i-STEM hub, the home of all work in partnership with universities, can be found here

The first step in becoming a part of this exciting STEM hub is to email our STEM Outreach Coordinator, Mrs Susan Harris, with your details and interests.