STEM is a cross-curricular link between Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The Science, Design & Technology, Maths and Computing departments work to encourage girls to become more confident in these subjects.

Science and Engineering are very creative subjects and we aim to show how creative they can be, after all if they weren’t creative no new ideas would be put forward.

We need to convince the girls that creating is at the heart of Maths and Physics and that they can spark the brain in creative ways and that by embracing engineering they can be guaranteed a well-paid job with prospects around the world.

The Physics and Maths departments try to make links between one another. Some students find it difficult to relate Physics to Maths and can go from one lesson understanding an equation in Maths but not carrying it on to their Physics lessons.

The Maths Department encourages the students to substitute x and y in an equation with other letters such as f, v, i etc: letters used regularly in Physics equations, so that they can carry their learning through both subjects.

It is important that all of these subjects link together in a coherent and cohesive way.

Head of Department

Neville Crouch

Neville CrouchNeville is Senior Lecturer at the University of Greenwich on D&T Product Design & Engineering and also a PGCE and undergraduate tutor. Other details include:

Regional Lead (SE) for Product Design & Engineering - LSIS. Director of Technology - The Math School Rochester. Applied learning space consultant for the Academies’ Programme. (BSF & PPP.) Registered Health & Safety Consultant DFE/ITT to BSI 4163:2007.  Managing Director of AR Group: Design, Project Management & Construction Engineering.

Author of ’Manufacturing in Medway and Mid Kent’ – M3k ~ ‘CAD-CAM for Dummies’


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