Initially History is taught in blocks of 300 years and British centred. The Fourth (Year 7) learn about the period from 1066 to 1366, Upper Fourth (Year 8) from 1366 to 1666 and Lower Fifth (Year 9) from 1666 to 1966. When girls study GCSE History they cover Nazi Germany, World War One, the Middle East and Civil Rights in America. Those moving on to A Level History look at the Tudors, the Cold War and Russian History.

History is a core subject at Lower School Level and is then an option at GCSE and A Level.

Head of Department

Peter Hopkisson

Peter HopkissonPeter joined Benenden in May 2007 having graduated in History from Manchester and completed a career in consultancy. After a stint in Portugal Peter combined History and tennis coaching at Benenden before settling permanently in the department.

Peter has three daughters, two of whom attended Benenden and he lives locally with his wife, Debbie.