Economics is offered as a new subject in the Sixth Form.

Specifically designed to help curious students investigate the causes and consequences of a wide variety of economic phenomena, the Edexcel A Level specification challenges any preconceived notions of how the economy works and evaluates the policies which shape the world around us.

Microeconomics helps to reveal the motives, behaviours and decision-making processes of consumers and firms and so focuses on the operation of ‘the invisible hand’ of the market. Rationality, utility, and profit maximising behaviour are newly critiqued in light of developments in behavioural economics. Government intervention and competition policy are likewise scrutinised.

Macroeconomics assesses the performance of whole economies by considering issues such as globalisation and the interdependence of financial markets. Updated to include events such as The Great Recession and Brexit the focus here is on understanding the ‘bigger picture’ through an appreciation of key economic indicators such as real GDP, unemployment, inflation and the balance of international trade.

Rooted in theory, yet applied to the real world, economics offers a formidable and unique combination in that it is an essay-based discipline which incorporates a considerable degree of mathematical modelling. 

As a result, economics is particularly well-placed to help develop analytical, numerical and problem-solving skills whilst at the same time enhancing mental acuity through informed classroom debate and transferable soft skills via long-term, collaborative projects.

Head of Department

Carl Fisher

Carl FisherCarl Fisher joined Benenden in 2020 from Rugby School, a boarding school in Warwickshire, where he taught from 2014 and was Head of Economics from 2016, having originally trained as a teacher of Mathematics and Economics at Royal Grammar School, Colchester.

Carl is also responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Certificate in Financial Education to the Fifth and Upper Fifth and is a Visiting House Tutor in Elms and Beeches.

Carl lives on site in Weston Crescent with his wife Judith.