My Career Path

Here we showcase some recent Benenden Seniors who are now pursuing a variety of exciting careers after excelling at Benenden.



Anwulika Okonjo E/Elms 17

  • A Levels: English Literature, Mandarin, Politics and Philosophy and Ethics
  • Studied International Comparative Studies at Duke University, North Carolina
  • Is now a Global Impact Strategist and Consultant

Advice for Benenden students: “Don’t worry about the specifics too much, look at your career as creating a portfolio not a path. You are going to change your mind a million times and that is ok, just be passionate and be open. Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable and there will always be people open to supporting you. Maintain friendships, this is really important. The friendships made at Benenden are some of the best relationships you will ever make. Having an extensive network of people around you and supporting you is always a great thing."



Iona Warne N/Elms 21

  • AS Levels: Chemistry A Level: English Literature, Maths and Philosophy and Religion (+EPQ project)
  • Was involved with the Microlight project, WordFactory magazine, Partnerships Programme and Debate Club while at Benenden — among others!
  • Currently studying English at the University of Cambridge

Advice for Benenden students: “The most important thing to remember is that if you are applying to Oxbridge then you deserve to be applying — and believe in yourself! Luck is important but also belief is a really big factor. When you are at an interview and talking about doing certain things at Oxford or Cambridge, you have got to believe you can do them. But if you do not get in, don’t blame yourself.”



Louise Floyd E/Elms 08

  • AS Level: Politics and Critical Thinking A Level: English Literature, French and Spanish
  • Studied Modern and Medieval Languages (French and Spanish) at Christ’s College, Cambridge then went on to study the Graduate Diploma in Law and the Accelerated Legal Practice Course in London
  • Is currently Legal Counsel at Formula 1

Advice for Benenden students: “Choose the subject you enjoy most; if you’re thinking about going to university, visit your shortlisted universities to get a feel for which one will suit you best; and don’t worry too much about mapping out your career. There’s plenty of time at university (and beyond) to decide what career path you want to take. Seize every opportunity that comes your way!”



Fara Bakare G/Limes 21

  • A Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Philosophy and Religion (+EPQ project)
  • Whilst at Benenden was involved with the Charity Committee, MUN, Intersoc, Lacrosse and much more!
  • Currently studying Science Technology and Society at Stanford University, California

Advice for Benenden students: “I can’t emphasise this enough – do what you like! Do what you like, do what brings you happiness, do what you genuinely enjoy and not things that you think a university would like. At Benenden try and get involved in as many things as possible, you will never be in such an environment where you have so many resources and opportunities at your fingertips again – so really take advantage of that. Throw yourself into things!”



Saskia Geddes N/Elms 18

  • AS Levels: Biology A Levels: Latin, Maths and Spanish
  • Gained a Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award while at Benenden and played Lacrosse and Squash
  • Currently studying Spanish at St Peter’s College, Oxford

Advice for Benenden students: “Back yourself and do not let fear of rejection hold you back. So, when fear is holding you back from something you want to do, whether that’s picking an A Level subject a little out of your comfort zone or, like me, aiming for your dream university course, just go for it you never know what you might achieve!”



Georgina O’Brien E/Elms 19

  • AS Level: Chemistry A Level: Art, Maths and Spanish
  • Played the drums and piano at Benenden and was part of the Orchestra
  • Currently attending Rhode Island School of Design

Advice for Benenden students: “Choose subjects and apply to universities that you want and not the ones that you’re expected to choose/apply to! The only person you should be working for is yourself because you’ll be the one having to spend your sixth form years studying those subjects, your 3-4 years at university, and your whole life with that career.”