Initially Geography is taught in topics ranging from River Dynamics and Flooding to Global Development. Fourths to Lower Fifths also focus on Global Locations, with a short quiz each week encouraging girls to learn gain vital knowledge about our world and promoting global awareness.

When girls study GCSE Geography they cover some of the same topics they covered in the lower school, but to an increased depth. Other topics are new to GCSE such as Glaciation and Resource Management.

Geography is a core subject at Lower School Level and is then an option at GCSE and A Level.

Head of Department

Michael Dunton

Michael DuntonMichael joined Benenden in 2011 from Royal Russell, where he was also the Head of Geography, as well as being the Deputy Head of Sixth Form. He is passionate about fieldwork across the School and has led several overseas expeditions including to Iceland and the Azores in recent years.